Psychotherapeutische Privatpraxis
Dr. Christina Löw


Psychological Counseling & Coaching

My psychodynamic counseling or coaching services are not purely solution-oriented, but primarily insight-based. This means that I will primarily support you in better understanding the unconscious background and inner conflicts for your problem or blockage, in order to then be able to overcome or loosen them.

To this end, you will first arrange a non-binding initial consultation with me, in which you will describe your concerns to me, so that I can give you an initial assessment of how to proceed. If you should decide on coaching, this is usually followed by between 5 and a maximum of 20 sessions in which we take a closer look and together clarify the cause(s) of your problem. In doing so, we also look back at your life history and develop an understanding approach to the biographical processes that form the background of the current problems. Part of the psychodynamic approach is that all your concerns are also understood on an interpersonal level. To this end, the dynamics, interactions, and experiences that develop in the course of the relationship between you and me flow directly into the counseling process.

Naturally, new perspectives on your problem as well as new inner degrees of freedom develop from this insight-based approach, enabling you to make more conscious decisions and thus automatically new possibilities for solutions and action.

It is also possible to conduct the psychodynamic coaching online via video conversations.