Psychotherapeutische Privatpraxis
Dr. Christina Löw

Individual therapy

Psycho­dynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy has evolved from psychoanalysis. The focus of my treatment approach is on current stresses and conflicts in relationships as well as unresolved relationship experiences or conflicts from earlier phases of life, which influence later life and can result in mental illness. The unconscious plays a central role in this process. Therapy is about understanding how unconscious motivations and inner conflicts influence one’s own behavior and experience. The goal of treatment is to heal or alleviate symptoms by gaining emotional insight into the connections and causes of current symptoms, thereby enabling you to develop new solutions and discover ways to make your life more self-determined and satisfying. Your confidence in your own competencies and your self-worth will grow as a result. You should be able to go your further way strengthened and more self-determined.


The therapeutic relationship itself always plays a significant role, because here, in a safe and trusting framework, new, positive relationship experiences can be made, which also contribute to an improvement of the symptoms.

Another focus of psychodynamic treatment can be on so-called structural or developmental impairments. These are, for example, basic difficulties in controlling your own feelings or communicating well with others. In this case, we would then work together to understand these difficulties and strengthen your ability to withstand strong feelings and to be in contact with others in a healthy way.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is limited in time. Therefore, the treatment focuses on the most important issues and conflicts that are bothering you. Unlike in classical psychoanalysis, you do not lie on the couch, but we sit opposite each other at eye level.