Psychotherapeutische Privatpraxis
Dr. Christina Löw

A warm welcome

to the website of my private practice for psychotherapy in Frankfurt am Main. Here you will find all the information about my therapy services, my way of working and the course of a treatment.

My offer

My therapy offer is aimed at people who, due to an inner pressure of suffering, wish to receive professional support and advice in processes of change.

I am a clinical psychologist and offer psychodynamic individual therapy, group therapy and couples therapy as well as psychological counseling and coaching. The offers for individuals and couples can take place in German as well as in English.

My practice is centrally located in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen-Nord, not far from the Schweizer Platz.

Individual Therapy

Based on scientifically accepted methods, I treat the entire spectrum of psychological problems and mental illnesses. These include, among others:

  • Crises of life and meaning
  • Relationship and family conflicts
  • Self-worth issues
  • Mental illnesses (e.g. depression, anxiety, psychosomatic complaints, eating disorders, personality disorders, etc.)
  • Reactions to acute stresses such as separations or to past traumatization
  • Difficulties at work or in academic studies (e.g. burnout, procrastination, exam nerves)
  • Reorientations and accounting situations
  • Sexual problems
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Couples Therapy

I can support you with the following concerns as a couple:

  • repetitive destructive quarrels
  • dissatisfaction regarding communication with each other
  • strong jealousy
  • an affair has come out
  • problematic experienced or missing sexuality
  • thoughts of separation
  • disagreement regarding family planning or desire to have children
  • changes in the relationship after the birth of a child
  • conflicts about the distribution of roles and responsibilities in the relationship
  • Problems in patchwork families
  • finding alternative forms of relationships
  • difficulties in bicultural partnerships
  • mental illness of one partner
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Psychological Counselling & Coaching

Professional support can also be helpful if the focus is not on the treatment of a mental illness but on a clearly defined problem such as professional or private development or a difficult decision-making situation.

Often a few sessions are enough to get to the core of the problem together, to change the perspective and to develop new possibilities for action.

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About me

As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I have been able to accompany people with a wide variety of concerns and problems in various institutions and clinical fields of work.

In my work as a psychotherapist, a clear, lively and empathetic contact and a respectful and appreciative attitude are important to me.


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My Practice

Cost absorption

Since I have a private practice for psychotherapy and coaching, I bill you directly for our sessions. Depending on how you are insured, the reimbursement and the process will be slightly different. 

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You have questions or would like to make an appointment directly? Then feel free to contact me by phone, email or via the contact form.

Private Practice for Psychotherapy
Dr. Christina Löw
Schwanthalerstr. 70
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 0176/87362233

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    Private Practice for Psychotherapy

    Dr. Christina Löw

    Schwanthalerstr. 70

    60596 Frankfurt am Main