Psychotherapeutische Privatpraxis
Dr. Christina Löw

Couples therapy

Couples Therapy

In couple relationships, conflicts and crises are unavoidable. Such relationship crises can be seen as harbingers of an upcoming developmental challenge for you as a couple and thus as an opportunity for personal growth. The goal of my work is to improve the conditions for these developmental challenges in order to re-stabilize you as a couple.

In my practice, I conduct an integrative form of couples therapy that includes both psychodynamic and systemic elements. This approach is particularly well suited to understanding the mutual, unconscious entanglements in the couple relationship against the background of individual life histories. The conflicts in a couple relationship are thus never caused by only one of the two partners, but both bear their share in them, so that I refrain from attributing perpetrator or victim roles. My attitude is characterized by impartiality. This means that I sometimes go completely with one person’s point of view in order to understand it better, and sometimes completely with the other person’s point of view. This requires the couple to take it one after the other. In addition, I pay attention to a respectful and non-aggressive communication style during the couple sessions.