Psychotherapeutische Privatpraxis
Dr. Christina Löw


Who pays for psychotherapy?

For privately insured persons and persons entitled to benefits

The costs of psychotherapeutic treatment are usually covered in full or in part by most private health insurance companies and the state aid. However, the extent to which your insurance covers the costs – how many sessions are reimbursable and how high the reimbursed rates are – varies greatly from health insurance company to health insurance company and depends on your individual tariff. Talk to your insurance company before you start therapy and ask them to send you the forms to apply for therapy.

My fees are determined by the fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP).

As a privately insured person or a person entitled to benefits, you are entitled to 5 trial sessions (so-called “probationary sessions”) in any case. During this time you can get to know me and my way of working and check for yourself whether the therapy method I offer is suitable for you. If we both feel that we are suited to each other – that is, the “chemistry” is right – we will make a binding decision on outpatient psychotherapy, on its frequency (usually one session per week) and on its expected length (short-term or long-term therapy). If necessary, I will then submit an application for psychotherapy to your health insurance company or state aid.

For self-payers

Of course, there is always the possibility to cover the costs of therapy yourself. This has the advantage that you can start treatment quickly and easily – there is no need for any bureaucracy in the form of applications and forms.

The costs are based on the fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP).

For people with public health insurance

Public health insurance companies usually only cover the costs of psychotherapy for therapists with a health insurance license, but not for treatment in a private practice.

Due to the unacceptably long waiting times and the severely limited freedom of choice with regard to the therapist, many people with public health insurance have in the past applied for and been granted treatment in a private practice via the so-called cost reimbursement procedure. Although the procedure is initially time-consuming, it can be worthwhile, as your health insurance company will cover all or at least most of the costs of treatment in my private practice if it is approved. If you decide to go this route, I will be happy to accompany and advise you on how to proceed.

Comprehensive and up-to-date information on the reimbursement process is available here

Costs for psychological counselling & coaching

Since consultations and coaching are not medical treatments, they are not covered by public health insurance companies and must be paid by you. Currently, my fee per session is € 160.88 (50 minutes).

Costs of couples therapy

The costs for couples therapy/counseling are usually not covered by public and private health insurance companies, as couples conflicts are not regarded as a mental illness. This means that you automatically have to cover the costs of couples therapy yourself. The billing is based on the fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP).

Do you have any further questions?

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